Wednesday, August 4, 2010

DIY: String Balls

Last week I decided to try making some hollow string balls for decoration for Kay's kitchen a bit of a test run. I wanted to make them huge but I figured I better play it safe and start with a manageable small size. 1. Choose a baby pink and blue wool. Then mixed some white glue with water. (My glue had tiny flecks of glitter in it)
2. Blow balloon into desired size. As you wrap the wool(or string) around the balloon, use a paintbrush to paint the glue onto the wool. Once you're wrapped it around enough, I cut the end and tuck it under all the other layers of wool so it doesn't pop out. I then tie a string to the end of the balloon and let it hang whilst it dries.
3. After drying, I then pop the balloon gentle and remove the balloon. Don't worry if the wool shrinks with the balloon. I totally freaked out and thought I blew it but it will return to a ball again. I spray with hairspray again for added firmness.


Barbara said...

What a great idea for just about any type of party and easy enough for the craft challenged :)

kay said...

i'm so excited. they are really cute - thanks charli : )

Odd Sundays said...

thanks barbara for stopping by. yup! it's most definitely an easy craft. I did it while watching tv!

Melissa said...

haha thats awesome! i have to try that

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