Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The knitted pouf

The knitted pouf was something that made it's way into my bookmarked DIY items a long time ago.  You must know the one, making it's rounds through the blogging hemisphere?  No?  This one?

The Pickles Puff Daddy is just adorable and look at the wonderful colours?

Well I finally got my act together and with the help of dais and affordable wool, I recreated my own albeit less rotund version of the knitted pouf.  Yes this is photographed with terrible lighting and yes it's sitting on the sofa to bring it closer to said terrible lighting source!

As time has gone on it seems to have stretched more and deflated somewhat.  Which only makes me want to knit another one and try better.  But the shorter height means it's the perfect seat for the little toddler.



Deenie said...

Love it!!! i want to make one :)

Miss B said...

Looks pretty good to me!

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