The journey so far


Once upon a time there were three little ladies, two sisters and a buddy.  They had a passion for design, quirky stuff and pretty little things. They also happened to meet up on the odd sunday, so they started a blog called Oddsundays and created a fun little place to share their interests with each other and the world.  As time went on, these friends grew up and they became mothers and moved away to different cities.  And then one day, the two sisters felt inspired to reinvent Oddsundays and give it a second life.  With the blessing of their buddy they developed this fun little place into a shop to share their original designs and curate their favourite little things. 

So with a lot of excitement and our minds full of ideas and possibilities, we welcome you to the new Oddsundays.  We love what this has grown into and we have so many wonderful things to share with you, we hope you enjoy where this journey has taken us.  

With 3 little kiddos under our wings, we have really been inspired by our little ones and incorporated their energy into our designs and products.  Everything has been selected with them in mind and to reflect our own aesthetic.  We want to share what we call our "little oddities" with you and hope you and your own kiddos will enjoy them as much as we do.

Welcome to the New & Improved Oddsundays

Welcome to the New & Improved OddsundaysWe are finally up and running after months of talking and working and more talking and working and...!  We think of this as a bit of a soft launch as we realised we were waiting for everything to be perfect and we all know nothing is perfect....SoooOOo we have [...]

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